Nicki and Alexa met at the University of Pennsylvania in their freshmen year, and although they could not have had more different academic paths – with Nicki studying Bioengineering and Alexa studying English – they instantly hit it off. As best friends and roommates for the next three years, they helped each other through courses out of their comfort zones by “exchanging” tutoring services; Nicki helped Alexa get an A in her Environmental Chemistry and Math courses, and Alexa taught Nicki the writing skills she needed to succeed in her Humanities requirements. They each specialize in a different side of the brain, but together at Penn Pals tutoring, they form a powerhouse team. Combining both Nicki and Alexa’s areas of expertise, Penn Pals Tutoring is an NYC-based, full-service tutoring company serving all of your tutoring needs, no matter where on the brain they fall. Contact us today!

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Client Testimonials

Val G., Parent, NYC

"Nicki is very invested and determined to see my son succeed and overcome his struggles with Math. Not only did she help him build confidence, but she was able to provide additional at home assignments and was very helpful in following up and ensuring he stayed on track. Nicki puts her heart into helping her students. My son has improved so much since working with her. I am very pleased I chose private tutoring."

Maddie G., Wesleyan '20

"Alexa helped me with my college essay when I had no idea where I was going with it. She always sees a way to fix a piece of writing and give it a clear message. Great tutor!"

Nomi W., Barnard '22

"When I began working with Dennis, I was really struggling in my AP Statistics course. He worked with me patiently and clearly reviewed the material I did not understand. He made sure I was not only able to understand the content, but that I had the strategies to solve the problems. My confidence and ability grew tremendously after having worked with Dennis."

Zoe B., University of Southern California '19

"Nicki was an incredible chemistry tutor. She really knew how to help me so that I would actually understand my material."

Ray K., Parent, NYC

"Alexa is a consummate professional, extremely responsive, will work under extreme timelines and her work product is outstanding.  She has helped our kids improve their writing skills immensely.  The fact that she is also warm, easy going and a joy to work with only add to our very strong recommendation for Alexa - five star rating!"

Sarah H., Washington University in St. Louis '19

"I was struggling with my scientific research paper and Nicki pointed me in the right direction and helped me edit and revise throughout the process. She is an approachable and brilliant tutor."

Jonathan B., University of Maryland '18

"Gabe was a great tutor and had many insightful ideas to add to my medical school application essays.  He was also an expert at tactfully cutting down my word count to meet the demands of my assignment.  All in all, a very positive experience and would 100% use again!"

Brandon G., Queens College '13

"Alexa is the best English tutor out there. She helped me go from a challenged writer in high school, to a college graduate that scored a perfect 4.0 in every English writing class he took. Thanks, Alexa!!"

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